Hi there. My name is Phil Ramage, a Scotsman by birth, but I have lived in South East Asia and Australia for over 30 years. I now live in Thailand with my wife of 30 years and adopted daughter. I hold dual British and Australian citizenship.

I have had an interesting life to say the least. The purpose of my writings here is to impart some knowledge and experience I have learned about business, accounting and the use of spreadsheets while living in several different countries, mostly in South-East Asia and Australia. Now I am semi-retired, and am turning my attention slowly towards Internet Marketing. Why is all this important to you?

  • Have An Accounting, Or Bookkeeping Problem?

    Whether you operate a manual or computerized recording system, then there are, or will be blogs to help. If you have a particular problem in these areas, send me details to, and I will see what I can do to help.

  • Have A Spreadsheet Problem?

    Chances are I can help. Although I am a qualified accountant, my forte is Excel. If you have a spreadsheet question or problem most likely I have experienced, and overcome something similar. There is a strong possibility that I can help, either personally ( or through my blogs.

  • If I Knew In My Younger Days, What I Know Now About Business

    Who knows where I could be now. If you want to make money, read some of my tips before it’s too late.

  • Do You Want To Try Your Hand At Internet Marketing?

    I can help there too. Join my “club” and you will regularly be informed of systems that I think are of particularly good value, as well as access to free training, and many free gifts, all of which you will find useful to your Internet Marketing endeavors. Click on the International Internet Icons logo, second from the top of the left side-bar on this page to get access to my associated blog, .

To Sum Up

I hope you all will find all or most of my blogs of interest and all of you will contribute regularly. I will reply to all genuine comments. I am a semi-retired Chartered Accountant who has recently turned his hand to Internet Marketing and writing articles. As you can see in the top left, my blogs fit under one of four categories: Accounting & Bookkeeping, Excel spreadsheet Tips, General Business advice, and Internet Marketing. A wide variety, I hope you agree which should be of interest to everybody. Each category can be accessed either by clicking on the appropriate link in the top left, or (preferably, to get a more sensible order) on one of the menu selections across the top. The Internet Marketing category is accessed via the ‘III’ menu selection. You may also find the Site Map, which contains clickable links helpful.

Philip Ramage C.A. (Scot), C.A. (Aust)

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